I have had many sessions with Bashar and he is incredible! His techniques do wonders to my spine and are even more effective than massage! I don’t feel any pain or tension coming back months after treatment and I am very happy with the results. Bashar is also very nice and professional and he listens to his patients’ needs. I would 100% recommend it.

Mia G

The only thing I regret is to not have tried Manual Osteopathy before. Bashar really did make a difference in how I was feeling both times I’ve seen him. He is so detailed and I felt like all my concerns were addressed during treatment. I really do wish more people would know what Manual Osteopathy can do for them and give it a try. Not only is Bashar a great practitioner who you feel confident knows what he is doing, but a great human being. 200% recommended.

Daniela Y

I would recommend Dr. Bashar Al Azzam to anyone wanting to try osteopathy, he is very good at what he does.

Ethan D

Dr Bashar Alazzam was very courteous, honest, and supportive. He is genuinely interested in your long term recovery. Highly recommend going to him

John A

I work an office job and have the often back, neck and shoulder pain that sometimes comes with many hours of being at a computer. Bashar is there to help when you need him and osteopathy can provide great relief. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from pain, Bashar does great work and is excellent at his job!

James k

I found Dr. Bashar online when in desperate need of someone to help with my siadic problems. I was very hesitant as I was five months pregnant. I called and was fit in that day for an appointment which was amazing. I was barely able to walk up the stairs from the intense pain I had. I left that very same day able to walk down the stairs no problem. I was very impressed with the different techniques he tried. After a few visits he began to work on my neck which would spasm off and on and cause migraines. I have not had a migraine in weeks. I have recommended him already to a friend from work and I would highly recommend him to anyone else.

Kelly M

I had a lot of stress in my shoulders and upper back, along with sciatic pain. I had problems sleeping and walking without the pain.
I tried a chiropractic treatment, however, I did not find relief from the pain and I did not like the process.
I wanted a gentle session that would also meet the benefits of ‘no more pain and healing.’
I researched the internet and found Dr. Alazzam, an Osteopath. I called him to talk to him, re: no adjustments like popping and force, to a gentle treatment and learned about Osteopath work and how this could help me in a gentle way. During the call, I found him to be very present to my questions and caring. This was Friday and we booked my session for Monday.
My husband joined me for the session and answered all questions we had and what he would be doing during the session. Always checking in on me, to make sure I was fine.
Bashar is a caring and professional person who created a safe and trusting environment for my session.
I felt better right after my session. He also provides exercises for you to do which help your body stay in
alignment, which has been truly beneficial for me.
I will definitely refer him to individuals who are in need of his work and in pain. I will also book another session in the future if I have any pain or out of alignment. His intention is for you to be well, healthy and not need to come back every week, month or in the future.
Thank you, Dr. Alazzam. You are a gift in the area of health and well-being and Osteopathy.

Moira S

Took my son here for headaches. Have gone twice and book for a third. He hasn’t had one since the first visit. Dr Bashar explains everything he’s doing and even got a laugh or too out of a teenager. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s so easy going. Just try it once you will stop going to the chiropractor!!

Devin C

OMG Bashar I feel amazing and like a new person today! Thank you so much! Just so you know you are not allowed to retire!


Professional and friendly. Excellent treatment!

Fouad H

I never tried osteopathy before and didn’t know what to expect from this treatment, I had pain and sever spasm in my neck for 10 years, i came to see Bashar at London health osteopathy and he treaated me for 2 times and since then i felt a huge difference and there is no pain or spasm any moe.
I Highly recommend meeting Bashar as your manual osteopath ,he did great job. Thank you

Fadi A

Bashar is a very knowledgeable practitioner of Osteopathy. I was miserable before I went and he was able to sort me out. Thanks

Chris Z

Very friendly and knowledgeable in Osteopathy. Fantastic results from even 1 treatment.

A Prado

I came to London Osteopathy when I was suffering from a pulled intercostal muscle. Bashar Alazzam was a very kind and professional practitioner willing to see me the same day I called and followed up thoroughly with me thereafter. He provided knowledge and pain relief in a warm and comfortable environment. I highly recommend this professional and will call on him again in the future if need be.

Amanda H

Bashar is a pleasure to deal with. Very accommodating and very knowledgeable. I am very appreciative for the recommendations that he has given me.

Jeff W

New to osteopath, I didn’t really know what to expect. I have been going to a chiropractor for over 30 years and can honestly say that this style of treatment provided a better relief of back pain issues. Bashar is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner and I would recommend him to anyone looking for physical injury support.

Melissa D

Being someone who has had a life of back pain, Dr. Bashar, after only 2 visits has helped with it immensely. Of course it will take some time more, however he has shown that his work absolutely helps and is a professional you can trust to help in even some of the most difficult situations. The pain relief and surprisingly the physical appearance of my back has improved (scoliosis), this change is a blessing after so many years of contemporary medicine not helping at all rather the opposite.

Baba Y

I sought out treatment due to chronic migraines. I feel more relaxed after a visit with Dr. Bashar. He is very respectful and helpful. I would recommend his services.

Madonna M

Bashar is very professional and knowledgeable. I have been seeing him for a pinched nerve and he has made a tremendous difference. I suffer from chronic headaches and occasional migraines. I haven’t had a migraine since seeing Bashar for a few treatments. Highly Recommend.


I have noticed such an improvement!

Kayla. P

The best osteopath! So helpful, knowledgeable, and truly wants you to feel better. My husband and I are both so grateful for Dr. Alazzam!

Leanne .B

I feel much better after seeing Dr Bashar Alazzam, I had issues causing constant pain in my hip and back. With his knowledge and experience he has helped me feel exceptionally better, he is very good at explaining and helping you understand treatment. I love that it’s a natural effective solution! I highly recommend him.

Nick .B

Bashar is a medical doctor…he is courteous, polite and friendly…he is extremely knowledgeable about the human anatomy and has the magic touch…I use his service consistantly and I’ve never felt better physically…I highly recommend trying his expertise and I’m very sure you'll feel the same way…thanks Dr. Bashar

Mina .A

Very good knowledge and efficient practices. I recommend.

Bertrand .R

Had a great experience. Very knowledgeable and personable.


Before seeing Dr.Bashar, I had severe pain in my left leg due to sciatic pain I couldn’t stand on my left leg for more than 5 mints then I used to feel burning pain on my leg in the area below the knee, Surprisingly after the first session with him I felt much better, now after 5 sessions I can stand on my leg and the sciatica pain is almost completely gone, like magic. I also appreciate that Dr.Bashar truly cares for his patients; he doesn’t see his patients as numbers but as real people .He invests time and energy to focus on each patient's specific problems. I definitely recommend Dr. Bashar to anyone suffering with pain, especially sciatica.

Emad .G

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Bashar Alazzam and highly recommend his practice to everyone! I have experienced amazing relief from my chronic back issue and after each treatment I feel wonderfully transformed and rejuvenated!

Elizabeth .K

I am so glad I went to see Bashar upon a recommendation from one of my colleagues and how much better she felt. I have been experiencing a lot of stiffness, pain and discomfort on the right side of my body, from head to toe including tension and strain on my right eye for over 7 years! I was all wound up and tense in my whole body, and decided to give it a try. I found Bashar to be very professional and genuinely caring with his healing touch. After the first treatment I was absolutely amazed at how much better I felt. The first thing I noticed during the treatment was my right eye, the pressure and tension suddenly had disappeared! Bashar had warned me that I would be quite sore the next day, however, to my surprise I felt like I was walking on a cloud! The pain was gone from my eye, neck, lower back right down to the feet! I definitely recommend him!

Anjum. S

Dr. Alazzam is a magician. Been doing chiro and other places for low back pain for a while and always felt a little bit cheated by going on plans to keep you back and never getting the attention I wanted. Dr. Alazzam goes through everything he is doing step by step. He is polite and humble and very giving of his own time, seeing me late into the evening and going over stretches and advice by text whenever I want. He truly wants to heal you, not get you hooked on a package where you go back three times a week. Within my first appointment I felt relief in my low back. Second appointment he worked my foot and made it click like it never had before and again I felt instant relief. One thing I will say is that you need to keep up with your stretches and don’t skip them. They might seem odd at first but do them. I highly reccomend Dr. Alazzam. I walk from his office feeling like a new man.

Robert B.

I had very bad back spasm. I have a problem to walk, my body was twisted to the left side. After my 1st treatment with Dr Bashar It improved my mobility and I feel much better. Dr Bashar is very professional and excellent at his work. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr Bashar.

Paul S.

After visiting this manual osteopath my body was light and full of energy, it was like new me! I didn’t feel like this since a long time ago, and just wanted to run instead of walking. My daughter is a cooperative gymnast and she also loved it and found that it helps her performance.

Maria M.

I have problems with my shoulder for the last 4 years.. I have sought treatments from Physio, Chiropractor and Massage Therapy. My 1st treatment with Dr. Bashar really improved my mobility and the numbness feels less at my fingers. My 2nd treatment I was able to do something I have not been able to do the last 4 years. Thank you Dr. Bashar.

Rezki A.

I have had 3 Osteopathy treatments withBashar Alazzam, DOMP. I have been so impressed with him. He has made great strides with relieving me of muscle and joint pain. He is very professional and has a wonderful work ethic. I have found him to be very caring and to put forth his utmost in trying to deliver me from chronic discomfort. I must also mention how refreshing it is to interact with such a polite, courteous and positive man.

Bev B.

I saw Dr. Bashar Alazzam. He went out of his way to make sure I got the care that I needed. He is extremely competent and professional. He truly cares about his patients and does his best to make sure they receive the treatments they need to have a speedy recovery. I noticed significant improvements after only a couple of visits with him. I highly recommend him and this clinic.

Ghazal T.

Bashar is a very knowledgeable, and involved osteopath. I had never been to an osteopath before, my only experience being with chiropractors and massage therapists. I can honestly say that it has been a better pain relief therapy then either of those alternative forms of therapy. I highly recommend trying out osteopathic therapy if you feel that chiropractors and massage therapists don’t really help.

Fahad G.

I was skeptical before my first treatment and was a little challenging to him. Dr Bashar took the time to explain every move he makes and how he can alleviate my pains without hurting me. He also suggested that I should give my body a rest after his treatment instead of going to vigorous exercise at the gym. He showed he sincerely cared about the patient and have their best interest at heart. Very accommodating! Because of his previous medical background as a physician, he does know and understand the way the body works. I recommend him; far different from another practitioner I used to go to. Thank you Dr Bashar.

Elizabeth W.

I was visiting my parents and needed to see an Osteopath because I had a slipped disc and pinched nerve. I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders and very limited movement. I had the best session and feel much better! Less pain and more range of movement. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bashar and will return to see him next time I’m in London. Thank you!

Ursula D.

Very friendly and knowledgeable in Osteopathy. Fantastic results from even 1 treatment.

Anwyll P.

Bashar is a proficient osteopathy practitioner. I have visited him 3 times now, and my back and neck is already much better. He has perfect interaction through the time you are with him, and focuses on your problems, and fixes them. I am going to continue to visit him.

Morteza H.

I had a great experience with Bashar. I had long time acid reflux issues that caused vomiting. Bashar reset my diaphragm. With one treatment I’ve gotten huge relief. The results were better than I expected and I will continue see him again for minor adjustments.

Audrey W.

Had a great experience. Very knowledgeable and personable.

Ella S.

I began looking into osteopathy as a final resort for my long-lasting concussion symptoms. I had pain in my neck and shoulders every day when I woke up, and had a hard time working under lights and looking at bright screens. I went to see Dr. Bashar Alazzam hoping to find some sort of relief for the pain and stiffness I was feeling due to my concussion, and let me tell you it was one of the best experiences! He was extremely knowledgeable and honest about the effects of osteopathy and made me feel very comfortable during the session. The practice feels somewhere between the relaxation of a massage, the satisfaction of a good cracking by a chiropractor, and the results of physiotherapy. I’ll be booking a second appointment very soon, as I’ve already noticed a difference. I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering or curious about osteopathy.

Caitlin H.

Bashar is a medical doctor. He is courteous, polite and friendly. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human anatomy and has the magic touch. I use his service consistently and I’ve never felt better physically. I highly recommend trying his expertise and I’m very sure you’ll feel the same way. Thanks Dr. Bashar.

Mark A.

I have chronic neck pain and have been in pain for years. I have tried massage, chiropractic and osteopathy before and wasn’t getting anywhere in fact was getting worse. I thought I would change my osteopath and after one treatment I noticed a huge difference. I woke up the following day not as stiff and my headaches are less. I have many more better days than painful days now. Bashar Alazzam is very caring and is very knowledgeable with his background education. I highly recommend him! Thank you for what you have done for me!!

Susanne B.

Bashar is fantastic, very personable and truly cares about his clients. He is always quick to reply and is very professional.

Would 100% recommend to anyone in the future suffering from acute or chronic pain.

Sophia C.

Mr. Bashar was recommended to me by a colleague and I am very glad that I contacted him. Mr. Bashar has been exceptionally helpful in healing my back injury. He is very professional and passionate about his work. Since seeing him, my back has been feeling much better (only after 2 sessions!!).

He responds very quickly and tries his best to meet his clients’ needs. Would 100% recommend others to see him in the future!

Sophia R.

Looking to book an appointment !